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New York Poet - Site Map

Our Site Map is a concise architectural outline of our website. Within our site, you will discover our large collection of Poems as well as works by others that we proudly feature on our site.


New York Poet - Site Map
  • New York Poet Home Page - Taking Poetry Into Its Deepest Realm.
  • About Us Page - Read Our Mission And Vision Statements To Learn About Our On-Line Objectives.
  • Advertising Page - Lets You Promote Your Site With Banner Ads For as Little as $25 a Month.
  • Error Page - The Error Page Appears When A Problem Occurs When Submitting Forms On Our Site.
  • Events Page - Keeps You Up-To-Date On Upcoming Open Mike And Poetry Readings.
  • Featured Artists - Our Featured Artists Page Is Where We Post The Creative Writings of Others.
  • Links Page - Contains Quality Poetry Related Resources On Additional Topics of Interest.
    • Add Link Page - This is Where You Can Add Your Link To Our Site According To Our Guidelines.
  • Photos Page - Illustrates How The Majesty of Nature Gives Us Peace And Inspiration While Writing.
  • Poetry Page - A Complete Collection of Personal Poems To Add That Extra Flavor To The Site.
    • A Special Hello to You - Our Introduction Poem Welcoming You To Our New York Poet Website.
    • A Girl So Pretty - A Very Touchy Poem About Admiring a Girl So Pretty.
    • Children - A Poem About Children and Their Special Role And Importance in Life
    • Close Friends - A Poem About Close Friends Really Sticking Together Through it All.
    • Drifting Away - A Poem About Lovers Slowly Drifting Apart.
    • Falling In Love With a Friend - A Poem About Falling Deeply In Love With a Friend.
    • Free-Basing - A Poem About The Real Dangers of Free-Basing Cocaine.
    • Good Guys Finish Last - A Poem About Good Guys Finishing Last in The Love Arena.
    • Loser - A Poem About Emptiness And Feeling Like a Loser on The Road.
    • My Dear Friend's Mom - A Very Touching Poem For My Dear Friend On The Loss of His Mom.
    • Priceless Communications - A Poem About Communicating From The Inside of Us.
    • Searching - A Poem About Searching And Then Stumbling Upon Ones Meaning in Life.
    • Standing in the Corner - A Poem About Standing in The Corner Awaiting a Lover's Return.
    • Striving - A Poem About Striving Through And Overcoming The Roughness of Life.
    • Taking the Initiative - A Poem About Exploration In Approaching a Special Lady.
    • The Beauty of a Woman - A Poem About The Inborn Alluring Elegance of a Woman.
    • The Critic - A Poem About The Critic Attempting To Bash The Man In The Arena.
    • The Inner High - A Poem About Searching For And Finding an Inner High.
    • The Introduction - A Very Romantic Way of Poetically Introducing Oneself.
    • The Moon - A Poem About The Moon And The Radiant Effects That it Creates.
    • The Return - A Poem About a Heart That Keeps On Yearning Ones Returning To a Lover.
    • The Vision - A Poem About Encountering a Spiritual Vision And The Awakening That Ensues.
    • Will You Marry Me - An Ever So Genuine Marriage Proposal Written in Full Poetic Format.
    • Wishing it Would End - A Poem About Regretfully Letting Go of a Disappointing Friendship.
    • Writing - A Poem About What Inspires Me to Write My Poetry In Full Poetic Format.
  • Privacy Policy - Our Privacy Policy Outlines How Your Security Issues Are Our Top Utmost Concern.
  • Quotes Page - Our Quotes Page Contains A Listing of Our Personal Favorite Poetic Expressions.
  • Site Search - Features Our Customized Search Engine That Will Display Your Search Results Fast.
  • Testimonial Page - Illustrates The High Quality Feedback That We Have Received From You.
  • Thank You Page - Our Thank You Page Acknowledges You For Supporting Our Website.
  • Under Construction Page - Appears When A Page Is Being Worked On And Will Be Posted Shortly.
  • Weather Center - Keeps You Up-To-Date On The Latest Weather Conditions And Advisories.

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